A quick update

The babies are three weeks old and 33 weeks gestation.  They have met some new milestones this week! 

Levi now weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces and gets to wear clothes now!  He looks so different with clothes on. I need to get him some more outfits. I was so hesitant to get them preemie clothes but now they need a few.  Here is a picture of Levi in his first outfit! 

He looks tiny still! 
Emma is also doing well this week. She weighs 3 pounds 4.3 ounces. She just needs to gain about 3/4 ounce in order to be able to wear clothes also! I am so excited for them. I hope that they will continue to do well.  Yesterday was a scary day as they thought Emma had an infection and also might need a blood transfusion. They went ahead and started antibiotics while they are waiting for the blood culture to grow. So far nothing has happened so I am hoping that there is no infection. Yesterday her red blood cell count was low. This could mean that she is anemic or it could of been from the infection if there is one. They were concerned that she may need a blood transfusion. Today after retesting her level was back up. So they are holding off on the blood transfusion and will retest next week.  Please pray that she will be free of infection and also will not need a transfusion.  I am on pins and needles everyday hoping and praying that these sweet babies will stay healthy and continue to grow and be strong so that they can come home soon!

Mommy and Emma during Kangaroo time!

Emma's first bowe!!!! 

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