Our New Normal

  • We go to the hospital every day. Sometimes for hours. It is so hard to be away from the babies but I am still healing and need time to rest so I know they are in the best possible place for them and that they are getting great care.  
  • My breast pump has become my best friend!  I am currently pumping for the babies. I pump 8 times a day.  
  • I love taking part in kangaroo care.  For those of you who don't know "kangaroo care" is when you hold a baby skin to skin on your chest.
  • Emma and Levi are both over three pounds! Im so happy that these little guys are gaining weight. Each day I pray that they will eat well and continue to gain weight. 
Please continue to pray for these sweet babies.  Please pray that they will take to breast feeding as well as eating from a bottle.  Please pray that they will continue to gain weight. Please pray that they will stop having bradys (when their heartrates drop).

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Emma and Levi.  It is all the prayers that have helped get these babies to where they are today! 

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