Happy Two Week Birthday to Emma and Levi

I cannot believe that Emma and Levi are two weeks old today.  It's hard to beleive that these two sweet babies are here in the world and how much I love them already.  Here are a few things these miracles have accomplished in their short life already.

She weighs 2 lbs 11 oz and is tolerating my milk fabulously.  In a day or two they will be weaning her off of the oxygen.  She is having less and less bradys (dips in heart rate) and loves to be held.  Emma has contracted MRSA.  It is just colonized in her nose and she does not have the infection.  There are several babies in the NICU that have it and Emma was moved to be with those babies.  She had a brain scan the other day and there is no evidence of bleeding on the brain! YIPPEE!!

He is back up to his birthweight and weighs 2 lbs 14 oz.  Levi has been off of all oxygen for a couple of days and is doing very well.  He too is having less and less bradys and loves to be held.  As of right now Levi does not have MRSA.  levi also had a brain scan and there is no evidence of brain bleeds! 

I pray each day that these sweet babies will continue to grow and be strong enough for them to come home.  It is very hard to leave them each day but I know that they are well taken care of!  Here are a few pictures of the babies.  The ones of Emma are dark and I will have to get some new ones in the next day or two.

                                         Levi and Mommy

Levi and Mommy

Emma snuggled in!

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