Hello friends! I am so excited to say that today we are 25 weeks pregnant. We are hoping for at least 5 more weeks. This is daunting to me but I will do it. Its easier if I think in a week at a time or two weeks at a time. Here are a few things that happened this week:

1. I got to take a shower in honor of 25 weeks. Yes I have been taking sponge baths but I got to sit in a shower chair and feel the water on me. This felt glorious!

2. My muscles are mush. They say I may need a walker by the time i get out of here. That will be rough but who knows.

3. I had to meet with a dietitian. I've actually lost weight since being in here. The babies are fine and are just taking everything from me.

4. The neonatologist visited today. It was not as hard to listen to since we are farther a long in the game.

5. We are doing a nursery makeover. A few days ago my mom brought me a pottery barn kids catalogue. I fell in love with the Harper bedding. The bedding that we currently have I was not in love with. Let me tell you I looked at every piece of "unisex" bedding there is and I never found something I liked. So i settled on something. Now we are redoing the room. So poor Clayton is painting the room for a second time!! He is the best and I only think he is letting me do this because I am stuck in here and he would do anything to make it better. Love him!

I'm gonna post a picture of my enormous belly but I need the other computer so I will do it soon!

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers!

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  1. This is awesome Amanda!!! Bunch of prayer warriors out there!! :)