No fun

Have you ever had to do something that you weren't exactly excited about? Well that's what I'm about to do. If a few minutes I am being wheeled down to another section in the hospital to receive some medicine that will help the babies grow at a faster rate. This is a precautionary step we are taking should these little darlings decide to come soon. I know in my heart that this will be the best thing for them but I'm scared. It makes you feel awful and sometimes throw up. I HATE throwing up. Even though I have gotten quite used to it in the past couple of months since I have been sick the entire pregnancy. It will last for 48 hours and I'm just plain anxious about it. I could hardly sleep and have felt awful all morning. I think my body is preparing itself to feel bed. They haven't let me eat since breakfast so of course I'm hungry. I have heard a lot of different stories and it all just makes me nervous. So here we go. I guess this is another step into motherhood. I will keep you updated. Please pray that the next 48 hours will be positive.

On a happy note I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Here's hoping for many many more weeks!!!


  1. Just prayed for you to be a brave/non-throwing up Mommy. xoxo

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you've started a blog... I know you will be too. Your and your husband and those sweet babies have been in my prayers and added to the prayer petition list at church. I hope today wasn't too bad for you and went smoothly. You're doing awesome and will be an amazing mommy!!! Hang in there! :-)