Done with treatments!

Monday afternoon I was wheeled into another u it in the hospital to receive some treatments for these sweet babies. I had been told it would not be fun so I was quite nervous. It was a whirlwind and when there are three nurses hanging over your head hooking you up to stuff you get a little freaked out.  The worst was probably the first hour when they give you a flush of medicine to get things started.  I literally had Clayton standing over me with a fan and throw up bad and then two nurses wiping me down with cold rags.  After that initial part was over I felt pretty good and was quite impressed with how I was tolerating the drugs.  That night is when the bad started to happen.  And it just got bad.  I wont go into the hairy details as it was not pretty but it ended with me on oxygen begging for it to stop.  After many of my doctors and nurses discussed they said I could stop. I had received 24 hours of the magnesium solfate and both the steriod injections so the babies had received enough of the drugs if I chose to stop.  I immediately said yes, Clayton took a puff of oxygen and the medicine was turned off.  Thank the Lord!!!!  Within hours I was feeling better and could finally eat and rest comfortably. 

Today I am feeling much better and am recovering from being a pin cushion.  In 24 hours time I got 4 blood drawls, two iv's,  and three shots. That is enough for me.  I won't have to do this again unless I start having contractions that can't be stopped with other drugs but that is NOT going to happen.  We are 24 weeks tomorrow and I am feeling quite blessed.  From here on out Clayton and I are looking forward to two week benchmarks.  Our ultimate goal is 30 weeks but laying here in a bed I have to break it into chunks.  So tomorrow we will praise GOD for bringing us this far and will continue to pray for many more weeks.

Clayton has been unbelievably awesome.  He deserves a post of his own not to mention some kind of medal.  This has been a rough couple of weeks but I know he will be there no matter what. I love you babe!  Thank you for taking care of me!


  1. Happy 24 weeks!! You are doing awesome and so is Clayton. I did my blog on you, lots of people are praying for you especially in Ohio. Love you!!

  2. Praise God! Bless you and Clayton. I'll make him his fav dinner next time I am in TX. xoxo