One More Thing

I feel like I have learned so much this last year and my life will forever be different. Not bad different but wonderfully different. Do I miss being able to run to target or take a nap when I want. Yes, but I wouldn't change our lives for all the target trips in the world.  I feel lately there is always one more thing to do. There is always bottles to wash, a floor to be vacuumed, dishes to be put away, laundry to be done, showers to be taken, baths to be given, baby food to make, or groceries to be bought. But what I would prefer to be doing is holding a baby or playing with these precious faces and that's fine with me. The laundry will be there, the house will be clean someday, emails will get returned but in the meantime I will love every minute of these babies and I will pray every night that I will not take these moments for granted! 

Here are a few pictures of our sweet babies. I will warn you most of these are iphone pictures so they are not the best quality.

Emma and Levi in their under armor

Emma on her play mat

Levi on the play mat

Emma in her OU outfit

Levi in his new jumperoo

Emma playing

Levi playing

Emma loves squash

Levi's sad face!

Being lazy during tummy time

I hope you all are having a blessed week!!!

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