Oh Lordy!

We have been busy here!  Yesterday we went to the pulmonologist to assess Emma and Levi's RSV risk and to check out Levi's asthma!  It was an interesting appointment. 

Both babies will be receiving the RSV prevention shot called synagis. They qualify for this shot because they were premature.  They will receive five shots over five months starting at our next appointment in October.  Oh RSV and your looming threat of sickness! I'm terrified of us getting this! Come late October we will be becoming shut ins! Boo!  The doctor recommends staying away from church, restaurants, stores, anyone who is sick and most kids. Yippee sounds fun! So will we make an appearance come April! Ha!  We are playing it by ear when it comes to holidays. As long as no one is sick and if everyone has had a flu vaccine we are planning on attending. Keep your fingers crossed because I will be most upset if we cant go to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As far as Levi's asthma goes we aren't really sure what is going on there. He definitely wheezes and he does it throughout the day almost everyday.  The pulmonogist believes it could be from his reflux.  Because he has been refluxing for so long the doctor believes his airways are irritated causing the wheezing.  Both Levi and Emma will be having a swallow study done to see what is going on with the reflux.  We have started doing breathing treatments on Levi twice a day and we are hoping that it will clear it up!  We go back to the pulmonogist for a recheck and their first RSV shot in early October.

We have also started more baby food!!! Last night they had sweet potatoes for the first time and it was interesting!  We will keep trying!  Here are  a few pictures!

I cant believe I let this happen! Luckily he threw up all over it! ha

First Sweet potatoes

Emma Hugging her bear

Mommy's birthday

At the doctor! doesn't Levi look huge! He weighs 12 lbs 15 oz and Emma weighs 10 lbs 11 oz.

Yep you guessed it! Emma is teething. Luckily I think it is just starting and hasn't been bad yet! keep your fingers crossed!

Emma in the bath.

Emma's first sweet potatoes

Levi in the bath

Levi's first breathing treatment. Isn't his ducky mask cute!

I hope you all are having a great day!


  1. Oh my goodness... what cuties!! Thanks for sharing your blog! I love peeking back and remembering what we went through ;) My girls got the RSV shots right after birth (born in Feb) and then again when they were almost 1. RSV is scary, but they will be fine with those pricey shots!

  2. Praying for those sweet babies! Love these pictures. Levi looks huge!! Boys! I remember doing those breathing treatments with Drew. No fun.