A day in the life

Our days are busy around here! I thoughtni would share what our daily life is like.

7-8 am babies wake up for breakfast. Clayton and I each feed a baby. When done feeding clayton gets busy working whilemi entertain babies.
9-10/11 babies nap(I use the the term nap loosely. This time usually consists of me switching back and forth between which one is awake. I would love to say that we were blessed with great sleepers but no such luck. Between reflux, tummy issues, and the twin thing we are working on the sleeping thing.)
11- I get bottles ready and start changing diapers. Clayton comes to help with the feeding
When we are done with the feeding which usually takes thirty minutes and then requires us to hold them upright for thirty minutes because of reflux. When we are done with thus Clayton goes back to work and I play with the babies for about thirty minutes and then try to get them to nap. While they are napping I try ti shovel in some food.
2- another feeding. Repeat the above
5- cereal and bottle. We have just started rice cereal and it is going well. In the next day or two we will start cereal in the morning as well. It's just so hard with two cranky babies.

A quick update. Last week we made our second trip to children's er. This time it was for Levi. Sweet little guy has been wheezing and the other night when we were doing bath time it got really bad. So off we went. My sister came and stayed with Emma and they had a great time. After some awful tests they determined that he's wheezing from reflux. Oh how I love reflux! Not really. It is awful! They let us go home but the next day we were back at the de for an upper gi study to make sure the reflux was not going in his lungs. Luckily it's not. He still wheezes and I'm considering getting a second opinion from a different d but thats another post. Other than that they are both doing well. Levi weighed 11lbs11oz at the hospital. Im not sure how much Emma weighs! TheyHave both started smiling and it is oh so cute!

I hope you all are doing well!


  1. Hi!! So glad you found my blog and I am glad to found yours! Yes us, twin moms have to stick together! My email address is eaw00a@acu.edu if you ever have any questions or just want to chat! I know what it is like to have twins...premature twins at that!

  2. Hey I emailed you! I don't know why I put two o's. It's eaw00a@acu.edu

  3. its changing it for some reason they are the number 00 instead of the letter.