Lately I have been feeling a lot of things but mostly I am tired.  The babies do not like to sleep.  They will cat nap off and on and rarely sleep for the whole time between feedings.  We are all a little tired in our house.  We are hoping that as the babies get older and a little bigger they will begin to sleep better.  Both babies weighed about 7 1/2 pounds last week so I think we are getting there.

With a preemie it is hard to judge what they should be doing.  Even though the babies have been here since May 4, doctors only consider them 10 days old.  This is their adjusted age.  To calculate an adjusted age you start counting when they hit their original due date. So their due date was July 14 and that is considered day 1.  With this it is hard to know if what they are doing is like a newborn or an almost three month old.  They are not doing some of the things that a two month old would be but they are getting there. Both babies are getting better at holding their heads up and don't mind tummy time.  They are starting to hold on to things but do not grab on to toys etc when they are put in front of them.  They are starting to smile but have not smiled in response to stimulation. I can't wait for this to happen.  Another preemie mom told me that she got so tired of people asking her how old her baby was and when she told them their reaction was always to comment about how small the baby was. She finally decided to just tell people the babies adjusted age and leave it at that. 

I am feeling very blessed these days.  I have heard awful stories about babies who are sick and seeing their battles makes me feel very blessed that I have two healthy babies. 

We have been busy these past couple weeks getting to know these precious little ones.  We are still trying to figure out the sleeping thing but I know it will get better.  We have had some visitors but mainly have kept the babies to ourselves.  We have only ventured to the doctor but are hoping to start getting out more. I am just so paranoid about germs and them getting sick.  Well with that being said we spent last Saturday at Childrens hospital with Miss Emma.  The week before at the babies two month check up they received their two month shots.  I was extremely nervous about this. I know there is a lot of debate out there about vaccines and I have read a lot from both sides. If they weren't preemies then I probably would be doing delayed vaccines if at all.  I just feel like I am putting poison in their little bodies but I know that there are benefits to them.  Well anyway after the shots both babies were running slight fevers. I was not concerned about this. But after four days Emma was still running fever and it was not getting better. She also had a rash on her face and neck.  Thank Goodness our pedi sees sick kids on weekends because we ran her up there and the next thing we knew we were being sent to the hospital.  It was a long day but luckily Emma only had a virus. It was really scary and I hated seeing my little girl get another iv!  With preemies a fever usually means a trip to the hospital so I am constantly praying that they will stay healthy.  Levi ended up getting the virus and both have been extremely stuffy this week.  So i debate about taking them places because they have only been to the dr and both got sick. It's so hard knowing what to do.

I will have to write later about the reflux battle and my dwindling milk supply. I will also post pictures soon. They have gotten so big. In a few weeks we are having professional pictures taken and I am so excited!  I hope you all are doing well.  Please pray that we will get some sleep soon!

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