Happy Two Months!!

Today the babies are two months old. I cannot believe it.  They have had such a big life so far.  Emma and Levi have been home for a week and life has changed so much.  We are adjusting to having two little lives with us. No we are not sleeping much but I wouldnt change a thing to have these two with us.  Here are some two month stats:

Weight- 6 lbs 5 oz
Height- 18 in
Clothes- newborn onesies and sleepers (even though they are big)
Diapers- newborn diapers

Weight- 6 lbs 4.5 oz
Height- 18 in
Clothes- Newborn
Diapers- Newborn

Dear Emma and Levi~

Even though you have only been here for a week, I cannot remember life without you both.  The eight weeks you were in the NICU were some of the hardest times of my life but I feel incredibly blessed that you are both healthy.  I worry about you everyday and pray that you will continue to thrive.  You are my sunshines and my love for you is shocking!!!!

Emma Bug- You ae such a cuddly little girl and love to sleep.  Your eyes are still blue and your hair is light brown.  You make these little grunting sounds that sound like a little lamb.  You are already stubborn. when you don't want to eat there is no forcing you.  I hope that you will be brave and have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. I hope that you know how beautiful and smart you are and that I will always be here for you!

Levi aka Little Man- You are so funny and you make the cutest faces. In the NICU you were known as the little old man. You always look like you are contemplating something really important.  You love to be held.  You will lay down for a little while but then want to be held.  You are a pretty good eater and will wake up hungry sometimes.  I hope that you will turn out to be like your daddy. I hope that you will be a man of integrity.  I hope that you will be brave and loving. I hope that you know that I am always here for you.

Here are a few pics~

they did not want their picture taken together but i had to put it in here because it is so funny! this does not give me great hope for the professional photography session we have coming up!!!

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