16 Months Old

On Tuesday September 4th Emma and Levi are 16 months old! My husband keeps telling me that they are toddlers but I refuse to call them toddlers for at least two more months! I really just want them to stay my babies forever!

During your 16 month we:

  • went to the urologist
  • celebrated daddy's birthday
  • went to the allergist
  • went on a play date with Avery and Harper
  • went to your 15 mo appointment
  • went to Aunt Stacey's house
  • went to Red, hot and blue
  • went to the Olive Garden
  • went to Apple bees
  • Went to Rudy's and the outlet mall
  • Nonny visited
Emma at 16 months you:

  • weigh about 19 lbs
  • Wear size 12 mo clothes and some 18 mo
  • wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 5 at night
  • eat most foods but are having an issue with Ranch!
  • Drink about 16-24 oz of whole milk a day
  • Prefer fruit to veggies
  • say momma, dada, bubba, maymay (mimi), roar, woof, whos that, bye bye, baba, nightnight, more, help, apple,
  • love to walk around
  • love to get on the couch
  • love books, shape sorters, mickey mouse, pictures of people and going outside
  • You don't like to have your diaper or clothes changed and aren't a fan of having your face cleaned

Levi at 16 months you:

  • weight about 24 lbs
  • wear size 4 diaper during the day and size 5 at night
  • Take two naps most days but are switching to one
  • drink 24-30 oz of milk a day. you are obsessed with milk
  • like most foods
  • say momma, dada, and no
  • love to climb
  • love to get on the couch
  • love the dogs, playing outside, balls, books, and throwing things
  • don't like to have your diaper changed, or being told no
  • are starting to have temper tantrums! ugh

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