Feeding the Babies

The twins have become quite the eaters.  Ever since we started introducing finger foods the babies decided that they had had enough of the baby purees. They flat out refuse them.  So I am having a hard time figuring out what to feed these munchkins!  Our pediatrician said that we can basically feed them what we eat as long as we stay away from foods that are forbidden the first year. So here is what a typical day of eating looks like for Emma and Levi.

8:00- 7-8 oz bottle

9:00- Breakfast- some things they eat for breakfast are oatmeal, toast with jelly, waffles or cereal bars. We usually have some sort of fruit with breakfast and usually a handful of cheerios.

12:00- 7-8 oz bottle

1:00- Lunch- lunch seems to be where I struggle. They have had pasta with marinara sauce, macaroni and cheese, turkey toast, cheese, avocado, veggies, chicken noodle soup, crunchies, puffs, yogurt melts.

4- 7-8 oz bottle

5:30- dinner. We try to feed them what we are having but only healthier. They usually eat toast, rice, noodles, tortillas, cheese, veggies.

See I need some new ideas! What are your favorite things to feed your baby? They are almost 11 months old!  Help a new mommy out and give me some ideas!  Thanks in advance!


  1. I steam a lot of veggies {the frozen bagged kind} and C eats that a lot. Chicken nuggets cut up into tiny pieces is a hit with her too. I know what you mean though, once they're off jarred suff, but not quite old enough for the exact foods as us, it's so tough to feed them!

  2. We skip the jarred stuff for the most part. Dd2 is 10.5 months. I find I am more relaxed with number 2 than I ever was with my first born.

    Today we had cherios (handful on the exersaucer while I get dh and dd1 ready and out the door). For lunch she had tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and a few tortilla chips - at taco bell, because the 4 yo was hysterical after shots at the doctor and said she'd calm down for lunch.

    Soup is a huge hit. It's the right texture and size for a first food. We had chicken corn chowder last week - chicken, corn, potatoes, onions. Beef barley was also very popular.

    Dd2 is a hard core carnivore. She LOVES chicken, steak, meatloaf, meat balls, ham, turkey,

    My kids get whatever we are eating, only either finely diced or in a piece big enough that she can't put the whole thing in her mouth.

    Grated cheese, frozen peas (straight out of the bag in the freezer) and other small things are good for practicing pincer grasp and buying me some time to cook.

    Snack today was 2 ritz crackers and apple slices. I used the corer/slicer then cut off the skin. I took one slice and cut that into 3 eighth to quarter inch wide slices.

  3. This was an interesting post. My twins are only 8 months (6 months adjusted) and they are not eating table food or finger foods quite. I feed them every three hours and they have three meals a day. I am still wondering if they are getting the right amount of food. But I like to see what you are feeding your twins so that I can figure out when they are ready what to do. Wish I could be of more help!